Donation for activities of Future Code

Activities of Future Code are supported by donation of everyone.

We send your support and feelings are received from everyone  to the local people. 
We are grateful to you for your support and cooperation.

If you have any query, please feel free to contact us

Your donation is used for something like below

In Haiti,

One chicken to be nourished for orphanage children cost about 2,000 Japanese Yen

In Burkina Faso,

One mosquito net for prevention malaria  cost about 5,000 Japanese Yen


In Bangladesh,

The cost of medicine and treatment for 65 orphanage children cost about 15,000 Japanese Yen

How to donate?

2 Ways You Can Make a Donation to Future Code! Monthly Support or One time Donation!

​Monthly Support

〜You can continuously donate a fixed amount every month〜

One Time Donation

〜You can decide the donation amount freely, each time〜