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Credit card transaction

Please select the first settlement amount and next amount of money and press the submit button, the settlement screen will be displayed. 
(The system screen of the payment agency company Another Lane will be displayed.) Be sure to read about the credit card settlement usage below before sending.

In addition, continuous settlement will be done on the 27th of every month unless you offer to stop it.

※About credit card settlement
1, You can use the following cards 




2, About payment method
For credit card payment, we use the payment agency system of Another Lane Corporation.
The amount you settled will be transferred from your designated account based on the terms of the card company you used.
In addition, please note that the statement of your credit card will not be shown as Future Code, but it will be shown as e.g. SAN 0570 001 370, GDL 0570 091 752, etc.